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Sofa Aurelia 90x200

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Super offer!!!!!!

Handmade metal sofa
Aurelia 90 x 200 cm

The slat roll is free

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The size of the sofa frame fits for mattress:

90 x 200 cm

The sofa is carefully manufactured from the top quality steel: 25 mm round profile, and 12 mm, 10 mm bars. The back- and sideboards are linked by the 40/40/4 mm side angles.


  • The height of backboard: around 90 cm,

  • The overall measures of sofa: depth: around 98 cm, width: 210 cm,

  • Bottom of front rail to floor: around 25 cm.


In the process of painting sofas are coated with black or white powder. The paint is permanent and has a half glossy finish.

At customers’ request it is possible to decorate the black paint with gold, copper or silver Patina paint. Then it is sprayed with colourless varnish to protect the Patina from wiping off. Patina, however, needs refurbishment every few years, while black and white are permanent


Colour choice

After purchase, please, let us know the colour of the bed you want to order.


The assembly of the sofa is very easy and intuitive. It takes 3 mins and no tools to put parts together. It works on the basis of mortise and wedge/tenon joints. The offer contains a bed frame and a slat roll, without mattress and decoration, that are available at every furniture store

Slat roll and frame

As for a standard, the slat roll is made from twelve 15 mm – thick and 10 cm – wide slats, that are bound by an upholstery tape. At customers’ request for a small surcharge of 20 e it is possible to pack the roll up with extra 6 slats (together 18 slats). Then, distance between each slat is reduced to around 4 cm (from 7 cm in combination of 12 slats)

The side rails have screws by the edges, that keep the slat roll spread out and prevent it from sliding. When using a slatted frame, screws should be taken out. The slatted frame should be 87-89 cm wide and 195-200 cm long.

The metal frame is supported by middle leg. It has adjustable height (in case of curve floor)

By regular side rails (angles 40/40/4 mm) is the mattress only 2,2 cm imbedded. It is sufficient to prevent the mattress from sliding away. If you, however, prefer higher side rails, where the mattress is 7,5 cm imbedded, please, order a bed from Category: Beds with blind.

The distance from bottom of front rail to floor amounts to around 25 cm. At customer’s request it is possible to adjust these measure (25 e surcharge).

Within the box, you will receive 4 rubber mats. They prevent floor from scratching and improve stability of the bed.


We offer bargain price for international shipping. Sofas are stuffed into solid cardboards of format: 210x120x17 cm. 

On the day of dispatch, you will receive an email from us. It will tell you a reference number for tracking your shipping online. Would you like to make an appointment with courier, you can find a telephone number to Schenker company in your country on their internet site.

The courier will call you just (30 - 60 mins) prior to their arrival.

The sofa is supposed to be carried by two men, and the courier is not obliged to bring it into flat/apartment. He may help however, if you happen to be nice to him.

Lead time

Manufacturing lasts 6 business days (after payment received) plus 3-6 business days for delivery.

When purchasing, please, enter the data:

  1. colour of the sofa,

  2. shipping address,

  3. telephone number, that is always available for courier.

On the day of goods’ dispatch we will inform you about the estimated time of arrival.

We are the manufacturer

When you buy from us, you avoid overpaying to middleman. We are the manufacturer! The whole process of production takes place in Poland (Warmia).

We guaranty top quality and 5 years warranty time.

Should you have any questions, please, contact us. We answer emails as soon as possible. Our email address:


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Sofa Aurelia 90x200

Sofa Aurelia 90x200

Super offer!!!!!!

Handmade metal sofa
Aurelia 90 x 200 cm

The slat roll is free

Colour choice: