1.      Can I use my own slatted frame?

-         Yes, it should only be 1-3 cm narrower than size of the bed. For example, for bed 120x200 slatted frame should be 117-119 cm broad, for a bed 140x200 slatted frame should be 137-139 cm, and so on…,

-         Length in all cases should be 195-200 cm,

-         When using slatted frame, we advise you to buy bed with blind sides. Wooden sides are 10 cm high, while standard metallsides are only 4 cm high (suited for slat roll).


2.      Can I buy the curtains for king bed from you?

-         Unfortunately, we do not sell bedspreads and curtains. You should ask by tailor or search in internet for them.


3.      Can I pay for the goods at the courier delivery?

-         Unfortunately not. Schenker spedition does not accept cash on delivery for international shipment.


4.      Can I receive goods in person?

-         Yes, our address is Pilnik 20 B; 11-100 Lidzbark Warmiński; Poland


5.      How much for a bed without a slat roll?

-         10 e cheaper.


6.      How long is the lead time?

-         Manufacturing takes 6 workdays plus shipping 3-6 workdays


7.      What are the colour options?

-         Metall frame bed: black, white, colourless varnish (transparent), black with gold Patina, black with silver Patina, black with copper Patina

-         Wooden sides: naturall-yellow, mahogany-red.